The Visor Assembly Instructions

The Visor pergola kit is a perfect wood awning for that big empty wall above a slider, window, French door, or even a garage door.

Thank you for purchasing a do-it-yourself pergola kit from Average Joe’s Pergola Depot.  We appreciate your business, and we are here to help you in any way possible.  Read this entire Instruction sheet before beginning.  If you take your time and follow these instructions, you can do it!


Tools Needed

  • Helper
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Screw gun (with square drive bit supplied with kit)
  • ¾” Wrench
  • Level
  • Tape measure

Kit Contents

  • 2×8 Beams (2 for standard kit sizes)
  • 2×6 Notched Rafters (2 for standard kit sizes)
  • 2×2 Top Slats (# depends upon kit size)
  • 2×2 Angle Brackets (4 for standard kit sizes)
  • Hardware Pack

Reference the packing list that was provided with your shipment confirmation for a complete list of kit components, including the number of each type of lumber and hardware pack components.

Installation Instructions

  • Step 1– Remove all the pieces from the packaging.
  • Step 2– Lay out all the parts next to where you will be installing the pergola.
  • Step 3– With yourself on one side, and your helper on the other, pick up one of the rafters that will be going parallel to the wall and hold it against the wall exactly where you would like the pergola to be.
  • Step 4– Place your level on top of it to make sure that it is level.
  • Step 5– Trace the notches in the bottom of the rafter to the wall. This will show you where to connect the beams that protrude from the wall.
  • Step 6– Attach the metal L bracket to the top of both of the beams that will protrude from the wall.
  • Step 7– Take one of the beams and screw it into the wall with the top lined up perfectly with the lines that you just scribed onto the wall. Note – The stainless screws provided with the kit will not work on concrete. You will need to purchase 1/4” screws designed specifically to go into concrete and a special drill bit to pre-drill the holes. These can be found at any home improvement center.
  • Step 8– Screw in the screws that go in the predrilled holes on the side of the beam into the wall.
  • Step 9– Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other side.
  • Step 10– Install the 2×2 angle brackets from the bottom of the beams to the wall and secure.
  • Step 11– Install the2 rafters on the x marks on the beams and screw them down through the predrilled holes.
  • Step 12– Install the top slats on the marks on top of the rafters and screw them down with the screws provided.

You’re Done!

Thanks again for your business. We really do appreciate our customers and their feedback on ways to improve our products. So after you’ve completed putting your kit together, sit down, have a cold drink, and drop us a line at to tell us what you think about our products. Any feedback on how we can make our kits easier to install will be very helpful. Pictures are always welcome! You can post pergola photos on Facebook, Twitter, or email them to us. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page and blog for news on all of pergola kits and outdoor living ideas.

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