Patio Covers for Top 5 Sunniest States

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Finding shade during these hot summer months is essential if you want to be outdoors but stay cool and avoid sunburn. While this is a general rule in many states coast to coast during July and August, there are definitely places where the sun is more intense and patio covers of various types come in handy for people and pets. If you live in one of the Top 5 Sunniest States listed on Current Results, you may want to stock up on sunscreen and invest in some extra shade to help you enjoy the outdoors this summer.

1. Arizona

According to these statistics, it looks like Yuma holds the record for being the sunniest place. It receives 4,300 hours of “sunny hours” in a year and is generally sunny about 90% of the time from sun up until sun down. Phoenix and Tucson are close behind. Popular structures homeowners choose that offer an escape from the daytime heat include patio covers made from cedar or pine, shade sails, or screened porches and sunrooms.

2. California

This seems pretty obvious that California is top 5 (and I am sure our west coast friends are nodding in agreement here). Redding, California is the sunniest city, with Fresno and Sacramento following next.

3. Nevada

Las Vegas is the city that holds the record for sunniest in Nevada. City of Lights is also one of the top sunniest places in the world that shines during the day and shines still at night.

4. Texas

The second largest land state (land area) and one of the top sunniest places. El Paso, close to the border and closer to the equator, is the sunniest city here. If things are bigger in Texas maybe that means the sun shines a little hotter and brighter too, so a little extra shade from a Texas pergola could come in handy!

5. Colorado / New Mexico / Florida

It’s a close call for #5, and likely states are in that spot, as statistics mention Pueblo (Colorado) Albuquerque (New Mexico), and Key West (Florida) all counting around the same percentage of sunny days. Pueblo, Colorado falls in as the sunniest city in Colorado. Other statistics mention days of sunshine per year by state, region, or city and many tallies show that overall, the Southwestern states including New Mexico get the most sun in an average day, as well as select regions along the Gulf Coast and the southern tip of Florida.

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Having sunny weather is always wonderful and more often than not encourages people to go outside and enjoy themselves. So if you live or vacation in these states or others where you’ll be spending time outdoors, find a few options to protect yourself from the heat or harmful rays. ImproveNet has many great suggestions such as pools and sprinklers, but also advises finding shade under pergolas, arbors, or other patio covers. These are a stylish way to add to your home and keep you out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Take it from residents of these top sunny states and cities — enjoy the summer sunshine, but find a favorite way to take a break in the shade!

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