Big Kahuna Pergola Kit

The Big Kahuna™ Pergola Kit

  • Our best-selling pergola with a classic design
  • Built for maximum sun coverage
  • Engineered for extreme weather

Shop Big Kahuna PLUS

The Big Kahuna™ PLUS Roof

  • Covered pergola design
  • Pergola kit + metal roofing
  • Engineered for extreme weather

Sombrero Pergola Kit

The Sombrero™ Pergola Kit

  • Big Kahuna design with fewer rafters and top slats
  • Built for medium sun coverage
  • Engineered for extreme weather

Fedora Pergola Kits

The Fedora™ Pergola Kit

  • Open design like a gazebo for light sun coverage
  • Taller, un-notched roofing system
  • Coated brackets for extra stability & charm

Melbourne Pergola Kit

The Melbourne™ Pergola Kit

  • Big Kahuna design with 4-6 rafters
  • Built for light sun coverage
  • Design pairs well with shade sail or canopy

The Brim Pergola Kit

The Brim™ Pergola Kit

  • Wooden trellis kit design
  • Perfect as a patio or walkway border
  • Ideal for hanging plants or lighting


The Visor™ Pergola Kit

  • Wall, garage door, or eyebrow pergola kit
  • Multiple uses and easy to install
  • Provides shade above a window, slider, or garage door

Big Kahuna Solar Pergola Kit

Big Kahuna™ Solar Pergola Kit

  • Big Kahuna design configured to accommodate solar panels
  • Sturdy design to use for outdoor living, backup power, or charging

Timber Frame Pergola Kit

Timber Frame Pergola Kit

  • Strong & sturdy outdoor structure
  • Built using traditional woodworking techniques
  • Heavy hand-cut timbers, mortised joinery, and wood pegs

Patio Accessories

Patio Accessories

  • Retractable canopies for pergola kits
  • Patio sun shade sails for pergola kits
  • Patio planter box kits
  • Pergola hammock kits