The Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit comes standard with:

  • 6×6 Posts (with tenon cut at top for beam connection)
  • 6×6 Single Beams (with mortise cut for post connection)
  • 4×6 Notched Rafters (on appx. 24” centers)
  • 2×4 Top Slats (on appx. 12” centers)
  • 4×6 Angle Braces (2 per post)
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Optional Galvanized Post Mounting Hardware
  • FREE shipping to most locations in lower 48 states
  • Personalized technical assistance with sizing, product selection
  • Installation requires customer (or representative) perform more advanced tasks – see Dimensions & Specs below and call us for more details

Customize your pergola to best suit your needs by selecting from the following options: Wood Type, Freestanding or Attached, Post Length and Post Mounting Method, End Shape, and Post Base Trim.

Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit

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Starting at $6,070
Wood Swatch - Cedar
Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar
Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine
End cut 1
End Cut 2
End Cut 3
End Cut 4
Grand total


Since 2008, Pergola Depot has been building & shipping high quality pergola kits and outdoor living products to locations throughout the lower 48 United States. Made in the USA.

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Introducing The Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola

Introducing the Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit – the perfect addition to your outdoor space that brings both style and strength. This quality built pergola kit from Pergola Depot is designed for DIY assembly, so you can create a stunning retreat without the traditionally high cost of timber frame style pergolas. But this pergola is more than just a pretty centerpiece. The components are all solid wood built with sustainably harvested rough sawn western red cedar or #1 pressure treated southern yellow pine. This beefy pergola kit will require the help of a few friends and family to install, or your favorite contractor. Choose from standard sizes ranging from 10×10 up to 16×16, or request a custom size to suit your exact needs.

Impress your friends and family with this statement piece that will elevate any outdoor gathering. Don’t settle for ordinary – choose the Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit for a touch of extraordinary charm. With attention to detail and a touch of elegance, this pergola will turn your backyard into a luxurious oasis.

  • High quality lumber and hardware
  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled solid wood components
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Kits are carefully crated for shipping
  • Shipped via freight LTL or dedicated truckload
  • 2-3 healthy adults needed to receive pergola kit
  • Customers uncrate, inspect and unload kits by hand
  • Free shipping to anywhere in lower 48 states
  • Kits ship within 3-5 weeks
  • Ship timeframes range from 2-12 days
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola

Classic timber frame pergola design, built for style and engineered for extreme weather conditions. Designed using mortise and tenon cuts and traditional woodworking techniques, this high-quality pergola will provide elegance and durability for your backyard project. Engineered to withstand 175 MPH wind gusts. Rafters on 24-inch centers and top slats on 12-inch centers, any size you choose will provide ample sun coverage. Freestanding or attached choices available in standard and custom sizes.


Pergola Kits include free shipping to 48 States

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Engineered to withstand 175 MPH wind gusts

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Quality outdoor living products since 2008

Introducing the ultimate outdoor oasis: the Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and built to stand the test of time, this magnificent structure will transform your backyard into a luxurious retreat.

Featuring 6×6 posts with a classically cut “tenon” at the top, our pergola boasts a unique and sophisticated design that will make a statement in any outdoor space. The tenon creates a secure beam connection that will ensure the stability of your pergola for years to come.

The 6×6 single beams are expertly crafted with a precise “mortise” cut, allowing for a seamless connection to the posts. This intelligent design ensures a sturdy foundation for your pergola, guaranteeing that it will withstand the elements and provide a secure structure for your outdoor enjoyment.

For the utmost stability and durability, our Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola includes 4×6 notched rafters on approximately 24″ centers, and 4×6 angles. These angles are designed to provide additional support, ensuring that your pergola stands strong against wind, rain, and any other weather conditions. The finishing touch are 2×4 top slats spaced on approximately 12” centers, giving your pergola a sleek and modern look.

Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola
Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola

When it comes to the hardware, we spared no expense. The hardware pack contained in your kit includes ½” oak pegs for the post-to-beam connection; 6” stainless steel screws; 3” stainless steel screws; and 6” lag screws. Hallmarks of our pergola kits, top quality pegs and hardware offer both strength and a touch of rustic charm to ensure a rock-solid structure with unmatched stability.

The Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit is not just a beautiful addition to your outdoor space; it’s a retreat where memories will be made. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, relaxing with a book, or entertaining friends and family, this timber frame pergola will provide a serene and elegant backdrop for all of life’s special moments.

Designed for those with an eye for quality and a taste for luxury, the Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit is the epitome of outdoor sophistication. It’s time to elevate your outdoor living experience and indulge in the finest craftsmanship available. Make a statement with the Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kit and create the outdoor paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

To choose your perfect pergola style, first determine your ideal dimensions based on the desired location of your pergola.

For more detailed information about your pergola’s dimensions, view our Dimensions Chart. Note that the dimensions for the Big Kahuna Timber Frame Pergola Kits are the same as our standard Big Kahuna Pergola dimensions shown on the chart.

You can choose from a range of rafter and beam lengths. Your rafter and beam lengths will be reflected in your size choice – for example, a 12×14 pergola kit will have 12 foot rafters and 14 foot beams. Inner and Outer post-to-post dimensions will also be affected by your choice in size.
Especially with larger sizes or timber frame pergola kits in #1 pressure treated southern yellow pine, installation will require that you or your pergola installer perform additional tasks not normally required for our standard pergola designs, including raising heavy timbers. Ensure that you have adequate tools, equipment, and people to assist with the installation.

Standard size pergola kits ship from our facility in Florida generally within approximately 3-5 weeks from the day we receive cleared payment. This varies based on season, shipping location, and the size kit. Once your order leaves our production facility in Florida, delivery times are typically between 2 days and 12 days from the date of shipment, depending upon your location. Please contact us for current shipping timeframes.

We custom build a pallet that goes under each kit, stack the pergola pieces on the pallet, then strap the pieces down and build crating around the outside to protect the lumber. The kit will come on the back of a semi truck and you will need to hand unload it piece by piece. For most shipments, the driver is not required to help unload it, but some will assist. The whole process takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the size kit you’ve ordered. Just make sure there are 2-3 healthy adults present to unload the lumber for a standard size kit.

You’ll also need a tool to cut the strapping from the crate (scissors or knife) and possibly a screw gun with a Phillips bit to uncrate the lumber. Every kit is crated a little differently due to the different sizes of pergola kits available. Not all crates will need to have screws removed but those that do will usually have 4-6 screws to take out in order to remove the pergola pieces from the crate.

Please review all Terms & Conditions including Pergola Depot Warranty Information here.

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