Big Kahuna Pergola Kit Installation Instructions

The Big Kahuna Pergola Kit

We have been in the business of constructing pergolas for years, and have perfected this design to make it a strong and lasting pergola that will stand the test of time for years to come. The Big Kahuna Pergola Kit is our signature pergola kit, combining strength, style and maximum coverage. Using 6×6 posts, 2×8 double beams, 2×8 rafters (every 12 inches) and 2×2 top slats (every 6 inches). Standard sizes 8×8 to 20×20. Custom sizes available.

If you are installing this kit on a concrete patio or on top of concrete footers, we advise that you use 6X6 galvanized steel post bases on each post secured with 5/8″  concrete anchors, which can be purchased from us or your local hardware store. You will need some additional tools for this. There are instructions and videos on how to install them included here, or watch our videos on our Youtube channel.

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