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Pergola Decorating Ideas

Whether you are relaxing with family on a warm summer evening or grilling for guests on a fall afternoon, your pergola is the social hub for your backyard paradise. While the soaring wooden beams and posts are beautiful in their own right, we have put together 5 pergola decorating ideas that we hope inspire you to treat yours as a blank canvas ready for your creativity. Let’s dive in! Pergola Decorations 101 There are so many fun and interesting options to [...]

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Pergola Designs for Patios

Pergolas are added to modern landscape designs to protect people and pets from the elements, as well as create an aesthetically pleasing look. The great thing about pergolas is that while you’re choosing a certain style for its appearance, you’ll also be benefitting from the coverage it offers at the same time! There are many types of pergola designs for patios. Your task is to determine which one will work best with your space and budget. The most popular choice is [...]

Stained Wood Attached Pergola

Staining and Sealing Wood Pergolas: When and How to Do it Right

In warm climates, winter and early Spring are the perfect time of year to take care of outdoor tasks, like staining and sealing wood. In cooler climates it’ll soon be time to get out your brushes and other supplies for staining outdoor wood structures such as pergolas. This article will answer questions such as: Why is staining and sealing wood important? When should you stain or seal a wood pergola? What types of products are best for staining and sealing wood? What are [...]

Pergola Design Ideas for Outdoor Room

Pergola Design Ideas and How to Choose

Are you sitting down this weekend to sort through all your ideas about what to do with your backyard patio? Would you like a pergola to be part of the design? There are so many ideas out there for pergola design ideas for patios and backyard areas, it’s hard to know where to start! This article can provide some inspiration, lay out some options (freestanding, attached, pergola over a hot tub or patio, long vs. square, spaced slats vs. [...]

Patio Pergola Plans for Outdoor Living Space

Pergola Plans for Your Outdoor Living Space

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect outdoor living space. If your plan includes a pergola, picture yourself lounging on a comfy sofa under a beautiful patio cover to transform your space into a relaxing retreat. Build in a pergola and you’ll find that your design is both functional and enchanting. A garden feature that dates back to Ancient Greeks and Romans, the pergola is an outdoor structure that makes your patio an inviting haven. As you review your [...]

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Pergola vs Gazebo

There are many options when choosing an outdoor shade structure that also adds beauty to your backyard design. Two of the best choices for offering shade include pergolas and gazebos. Which is best for your space? Pergolas and gazebos both serve similar functions on a patio or in a backyard space. When you compare a pergola vs gazebo, you’ll see 3 main contrasts. The biggest difference is in the shape and overall appearance. Other variations for these popular outdoor [...]

Removable Pergola Shade Covers

Best Pergola Covers for Shade

The best pergola covers for shade usually have 3 specific qualities. They’re sturdy, they’re stylish, and they blend well with the outdoors. Pergolas come in many shapes and sizes, but if you browse through popular magazines and pinterest pergola photos, you’ll find these same qualities that homeowners tag as some of the best pergola shade covers. Qualities of the Most Popular Pergola Covers Most homeowners are looking for durable pergola covers that will enhance their outdoor space. Quality materials, design elements [...]

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Attached Pergola Designs for Backyard Living

Longing for a spot you can relax outside any time of year? Attach a pergola to your house and you’ll have an instant outdoor room you can use 24×7. Think about how much more you’ll use your patio if it’s covered than left exposed to the elements. Let’s face it, most of us don’t spend enough time in the good ‘ole outdoors and the reason might be accessibility to a comfy spot. Attached pergola kits are actually one of [...]

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How to Build a Pergola from a Kit

Have you been scouring DIY sites trying to find the perfect set of instructions for how to build a pergola? Have you considered more of a hybrid approach to creating the perfect wood structure for your backyard? Our pergola kits give you the best of both worlds. Take the guesswork out of knowing whether you’ve got the right materials. The cutting and drilling are the steps that will be most time-intensive and require special tools. Let us do all [...]

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Modern Pergola Kits

Outdoor living designs often show off one specific feature of your backyard. If you’d like the main event in your design to be a pergola, we’ve got a few ideas to help you make yours a reality. First, think about how you envision the end result to be. Do you want to completely cover a dining area and have lots of space to spare? Or are you creating a semi-open roof for a patio in a metropolitan setting? Maybe you’re [...]