Wood Pergola Kits

Choose Your Wood Pergola Kit Style

To configure and price our standard size wood pergola kits, choose from our 10 different styles. Then make your selections to customize your wood pergola kit from these options: Size, Freestanding or Attached, Wood Type, Posts, End Shape, and Post Base Trim. To configure and price our timber frame pergola kits, make your selections on our timber frame pergola page or complete a quote request form.

The Big Kahuna™

Classic Design for Maximum Sun Coverage

Maximum Sun Coverage Pergola

The Big Kahuna™ Pergola Kit offers classic pergola coupled with maximum sun coverage. Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Base Price Range: $4,160 - 11,980 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 8’x8’ to 20’x20’ and custom sizes available in freestanding or attached.

The Big Kahuna™ PLUS

Covered Pergola Kit Design with Metal Roofing

Maximum Sun and Rain Coverage Pergola

The Big Kahuna™ PLUS Pergola Kit offers a classic pergola with quality metal roofing for maximum coverage from the elements. Engineered for extreme weather.

Base Price Range: $5,800 - 20,560 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 10’x10’ to 20’x20’ and custom sizes available in freestanding or attached.

Shop Big Kahuna Timber Frame

Big Kahuna™ Timber Frame

Classic DIY Timber Frame Pergola Kit

Maximum Sun Timber Frame Pergola

Big Kahuna Timber Frame offers a quality crafted DIY timber frame pergola kit at an affordable price. Engineered for 175 mph wind.

Base Price Range: $6,070 - 13,210 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 10’x10’ to 16’x16’ and custom sizes available in freestanding or attached.

Shop Big Kahuna Solar

Big Kahuna™ Solar-ready

Solar-ready Pergola Kit Design

Maximum Coverage Pergola

The Big Kahuna™ Solar-ready offers a classic pergola configured to accommodate solar panels. Panels and components not included.

Base Price Range: $5,480 - 19,120 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 10’x10’ to 20’x20’ and custom sizes available in freestanding or attached.

The Sombrero

Sophisticated Structure for Partial Shade

Medium Sun Coverage Pergola

The Sombrero Pergola Kit is our Big Kahuna Design, but with half the rafters and top slats to allow medium sun coverage.

Base Price Range: $3,210 - 9,570 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 8’x8’ to 20’x20’ and custom sizes available in freestanding or attached.

The Fedora

Light Sun Coverage, Dramatic Impression

Light Sun Coverage Pergola

The Fedora Pergola Kit is a more open-air twist on classic pergola style, with an open design and a taller/unnotched roofing system.

Base Price Range: $2,820 - 8,420 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 8’x8’ to 20’x20’ and custom sizes available in freestanding or attached.

The Melbourne

Traditional Pergola Style for Modern Designs

Light Sun Coverage Pergola

The Melbourne Pergola Kit is our Big Kahuna and Sombrero Design, with 4-6 rafters for flexibility to choose shade options.

Base Price Range: $2,250 – 8,050 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 8’x8’ to 20’x20’ and custom sizes available in freestanding or attached.

The Visor

A Charming Backyard Accent

Accent Pergola

The Visor Pergola Kit is a classic wooden awning that provides some shade while enhancing a window, door opening, or garage door for a more refined look.

Base Price Range: $1,900 - 4,011 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: Standard lengths of 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ and custom sizes.

The Brim

The Charming Backyard Accent

Border Pergola

The Brim Pergola Kit offers a graceful wooden trellis-like design. Perfect as a patio or walkway border, or for hanging plants or outdoor lighting.

Base Price Range: $1,951 - 3,312 for standard sizes, custom quotes.

Size: 8’- 20’ and custom sizes available.

The Peak Timber Frame

Heavy Hand-cut Timber Frame Style

Maximum Sun Coverage Pergola

The Peak Timber Frame Pergola is built using traditional woodworking techniques including mortised joinery, wood pegs, and quality hardware.

Base Price Range: Base prices start at $15,000.

Size: 12’x12’ to 30’x30’ and custom sizes and finish options.

Premium Wood Pergola Kits for Your Outdoor Oasis

Discover the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with our high-quality wood pergola kits. Since 2008, Pergola Depot has been the go-to source for durable and customizable wooden pergolas. Our wooden pergola kits are easy to assemble, affordably priced and ready to transform your outdoor space. Explore our pergola collection and elevate your backyard today.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living With Our Wood Pergola Kits

Our DIY pergola kits are an easy-to-install solution for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor setting. With Pergola Depot, you have a variety of durable and aesthetically pleasing wooden pergolas to choose from. These kits are designed for easy assembly, allowing you to transform your outdoor space effortlessly. Browse our wood pergola kits and find the perfect style to match your vision.

Customize Your Wood Pergola Kit

We offer the opportunity to tailor your wooden pergola to your unique taste and space requirements. Our customization options ensure your pergola is a perfect fit for your outdoor space.

Diverse Styles and Designs of Wooden Pergolas

Explore an array of styles and designs with our wooden pergola kits. Whether you prefer the classic look of the Big Kahuna or the modern aesthetic of the Fedora, there’s a style to suit every preference.

Wooden Pergola Kits Size and Configuration Flexibility

Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your space perfectly. Whether you need a freestanding wood pergola kit for your garden or an attached pergola for your patio, we’ve got you covered. And our kits come in a range of sizes to ensure a seamless fit with your outdoor layout. If you don’t find one that works for you, we also offer custom pergolas.

Building Material Choices for Wooden Pergolas

At Pergola Depot, we offer top-quality material choices in our wood pergola kits, each with its distinct characteristics. Here are details about our popular wood selections.

  • Rough-Sawn Western Red Cedar: Known for its longevity, rough-sawn Western red cedar resists decay and insect damage. Its rich color palette, from light amber to deep honey brown, ages gracefully to a distinguished silver-gray, requiring only occasional cleaning and sealing to retain its beauty. Western red cedar is sustainably harvested in North America.
  • #1 Pressure-Treated Southern Yellow Pine: Treated to ward off decay, insects and weathering, this sturdy option offers a natural, rustic appeal. It can be painted or stained to your liking once the pressure treatment has dried (typically 2-3 months after installation, depending on your local climate). Southern Yellow Pine is sustainably harvested in the southeastern United States.

Each wood type brings its unique charm and functional benefits, providing versatile options to match your aesthetic and durability needs for the perfect outdoor retreat.

Project Ideas for Wood Pergola Kits

Are you wondering how to incorporate a wooden pergola into your yard? Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Garden Oasis: Create a tranquil garden oasis by integrating a cedar pergola amidst lush greenery and blooming flowers. It’s a perfect way to frame a picturesque garden view.
  • Outdoor Dining Area: Establish a charming outdoor dining area under a pergola. With their natural elegance, wood pergola kits provide a cozy ambiance for family meals or entertaining guests.
  • Poolside Pergola: Install a pergola by the pool to create a shaded retreat for lounging on sunny days. Add a pergola hammock kit for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Backyard Vineyard: Transform your pergola into a backyard vineyard. Wooden pergolas provide an excellent support structure for climbing vines and grape arbors.
  • Outdoor Living Room: Craft an outdoor living room under the shelter of a pergola. Add some comfy furniture, a fire pit and some soft lighting to create a cozy outdoor extension of your home.
  • Zen Meditation Space: Design a peaceful Zen meditation space under the calm shelter of a wooden pergola, adorned with simplistic, serene decor and soft, flowing drapes.
  • Spa Retreat: Enhance your hot tub or spa area with a pergola, adding privacy and a touch of luxury to your outdoor relaxation spot.

Each project idea offers a unique way to utilize the natural beauty and durability of our wooden pergolas, making your outdoor space a true extension of your home. Explore these ideas and discover the endless possibilities that await with Pergola Depot wood pergola kits.

Tips on How to Measure for a Wooden Pergola

FAQs About Wooden Pergola Kits

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in your journey towards choosing the perfect wood pergola kit. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us.

How Can I Add Shade to My Pergola?

Pergola Depot offers pergola sun shades and retractable canopy kits that can be added to any of our full-size wood pergola kits, including the Melbourne, Big Kahuna, Sombrero or Fedora models. Retractable canopies provide the flexibility to position the cover to your liking, providing extra shade and privacy for your outdoor space. For the ultimate in protection, check out our exclusive Big Kahuna™ PLUS Covered Wood Pergola Kits.

Can I Return My Wood Pergola Kit?

Because all our wooden pergola kits are cut to order, returns or refunds are not accepted. Please be sure to measure properly and call us with any questions before placing your order. If there are any missing parts or pre-delivery damages, our one-year limited warranty has got you covered.

What Maintenance Can I Expect with Pergola Depot Wood Pergolas?

Our wood pergolas are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The choice of wood type dictates the level of upkeep. Cedar and pine are low-maintenance options needing just occasional cleaning and a quality finish application to retain their color and integrity. We recommend painting or staining pressure-treated pine and rough-sawn western red cedar every year or every two years, especially in harsh climates, for lasting durability and appearance.

How Many Posts Will My Pergola Have?

All our standard freestanding pergola designs, including the Big Kahuna, Big Kahuna Solar-ready, Big Kahuna PLUS, Sombrero, Melbourne and Fedora, come engineered with four posts. Attached wooden pergola kits come with two. However, for larger wooden pergolas, additional support posts are required to bear the additional weight. For larger sizes, please request a custom quote or contact us for further assistance.

Start Your Project with Our Wood Pergola Kits Today

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of Pergola Depot wood pergola kits, it’s time to upgrade your outdoor space. Our DIY kits are designed to instantly transform your patio at a cost you can afford. Shop now and order one of our wooden pergola kits to create an enjoyable outdoor area you’ll appreciate for years to come!

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