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The Big Kahuna Pergola Kit

  • Our best-selling pergola with a classic design
  • Built for maximum sun coverage
  • Engineered for extreme weather
  • Base price range: $2,860-$9,450 for standard sizes.

The Sombrero Pergola Kit

  • Big Kahuna design with half the rafters and top slats
  • Built for medium sun coverage
  • Engineered for extreme weather
  • Base price range: $2,290-$7,560 for standard sizes.

The Fedora Pergola Kit

  • Open design like a gazebo for light sun coverage
  • Taller, un-notched roofing system
  • Engineered for extreme weather
  • Base price range: $2,060-$6,800 for standard sizes.

The Brim Pergola Kit

  • Wooden trellis kit design
  • Perfect as a patio or walkway border
  • Ideal for hanging plants or lighting
  • Base price range: $795-$1,640 for standard sizes

The Visor Pergola Kit

  • Wall or eyebrow pergola kit
  • Multiple uses and easy to install
  • Provides shade above a window or door
  • Base price range: $669-$1,532 for standard sizes

Big Kahuna Solar Pergola Kit

  • Big Kahuna design configured to accommodate solar panels
  • Base price range: $3,150-10,400 for standard sizes

Free Shipping!

Every pergola kit we sell ships free in the contiguous US! We build each kit to order and ship from our Florida shop within 10 business days. Delivery times are typically between 2-10 days from the date of shipment, depending upon your location.

Customize It

Each one of our pergola kits are customizable. You can choose your options such as size, wood type, end cut shape, post lengths, and whether it will be attached to your house or freestanding.

Do It Yourself

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of the building process. If you’re handy with common hand tools, you can DIY and save thousands compared to a custom pergola built on site!


Notched, quality wood, high density of rafters and tops slats increases stability of our pergolas and their ability to withstand strong winds and weather. Pre-cut, pre-drilled, with detailed instructions.

Large Selection

Over 90 standard pergola kit sizes to choose from in freestanding or attached, and custom sizes available. Also offering popular sizes of planter box kits for flowers, vegetables, or firewood.

Affordable Pergolas

We maintain a small, skilled crew that pays attention to detail and works efficiently to keep overhead low so we can continue to keep our prices affordable.

Pergola Depot is an award-winning outdoor pergola company with hundreds of happy customers.

How to Measure a Pergola

</p> <h3>Determine Post Height</h3> <p class='p1'><span class='s1'>When trying to decide the length of pergola posts, consider your desired height above ground and post installation method*. </span><span class='s2'>For the Big Kahuna and Sombrero, 8 or 10-foot posts suit most situations unless you’re installing your posts more than 2′ in the ground. For the Fedora, we recommend 10′ posts on a slab or footer and 12′ posts (or longer) if going in the ground. Smaller kits generally look better with a shorter post. But, keep in mind things like ceiling fans or other accessories when planning post height.</span></p> <p class='p1'><span class='s1'>The height to the bottom of the beam (low point of the roof structure) for <b>Big Kahuna and Sombrero</b> is 7 inches less than the length of the post that is above ground level, for example it would be 7 feet 5 inches for an 8-foot post (7’6″ if using post mounting hardware) or 9 feet 5 inches for a 10-foot post (9’6″ if using post mounting hardware). <b>Fedora</b> is 14 inches less than the length of the post that is above ground level, for example it would be 8’10” for a 10′ post (8’11” if using post mounting hardware).<b> *</b>If installing buried in a concrete footer, then you will need to add the length of the post below the ground to the desired height of the posts.</span></p> <p><a href=''><span style='color: #0000ff;'><strong>Learn more</strong></span></a>


Choose Pine or Cedar?

Our pergolas are built using a choice of two classic wood types, Pressure Treated #1 Southern Yellow Pine or Western Red Rough Sawn Tight Knot Cedar. Either one is an excellent choice for a sturdy pergola that will last for many years. Both are highly resistant to decay and can withstand severe elements.


Choose Freestanding or Attached?

Whether you choose freestanding or attached, a pergola creates another space for you to spend time outdoors. Free standing pergolas stand-alone and can be used to create a modern outdoor room in your backyard or garden. Standards sizes typically have 4 posts supporting the roof part of the pergola. Our attached pergolas attach to a wall and extend out away from a building, giving you more covered space for your outdoor gatherings. All of our attached pergola kits include a 2×8 ledger board. Standard sizes typically have two posts supporting the cover part of the pergola.

Freestanding 17x19 Cedar Freestanding Pergola – Big Kahuna


Choose Post Height

When choosing the pergola post length, consider these questions to help you decide: What is the desired height above the ground? How much space do you want between the bottom of the beam (the low point of the roof structure) and the ground? How will you be installing the posts (buried in a concrete footer, or installed on top of a concrete footer or existing concrete slab)?

Thank you for visiting Pergola Depot! We are your source for affordable, quality, do it yourself pergola kits. Pergola Depot (also known as Average Joe’s Pergola Depot) builds and sells quality, affordable, customizable, DIY pergola kits, serving the United States and Canada since 2008.

Customizable, Easy to Assemble, DIY Pergola Kits

Pergola Depot offers over 90 standard designs and sizes as well as custom pergola options. We use high grade lumber, stainless steel hardware and back our pergola kits with a one-year limited warranty. Every DIY wood pergola kit comes complete with all pre-cut, pre-drilled lumber that is pre-marked for easy assembly. We build each kit to order and ship from our shop within 10 business days free of charge in the contiguous United States. Shipping outside the U.S. and expedited service is also available.

Quality, Affordable Cedar and Wood Pergola Kits

We manufacture the following quality wood pergola kits: attached cedar pergola kits, attached pine pergola kits, freestanding cedar pergola kits, freestanding pine pergola kits, and cedar planter box kits. Our attached pergola kits and freestanding pergola kits are available in our full size pergola styles including The Big KahunaThe Sombrero, and The Fedora.

Each pergola style provides a different amount of coverage for your outdoor space. The Brim is a trellis kit and can be standalone or paired with a full size pergola kit. The Visor is a wooden awning kit that enhances and provides shade above a window or door opening. Our cedar pergola kits, pine pergola kits, and cedar planter box kits all include step by step instructions to guide you through the assembly process.

The quality of our pergola designs rival composite, vinyl, or aluminum pergola kits, and are offered at a more affordable price point. If you like to keep up with popular landscape trends, today’s modern landscapes featuring a wood pergola with a canopy are gaining in popularity over alternative materials used to build pergolas and other structures like a gazebo or pavilion.

We provide helpful resources to help you make decisions about your wood patio cover, including: Guide to Choosing a PergolaPergola Styles Comparison. View our Pergola Kits and Outdoor Living Blog for ideas on how to layout a unique, modern outdoor space. 

Ordering is easy through our website, and live customer service is always an option. Call us at 877-563-0002, send an email, or use our contact form.

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Whether you’re relaxing with family on a cool fall evening or grilling for guests on a weekend afternoon, your pergola is the social hub for your backyard parties.

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Our team is standing by to help answer any questions about your next pergola. We're available to guide you through the process, provide additional information, or create a custom order.

After you choose the location for your pergola, decide if your pergola will be attached or stand-alone. Then decide how much usable space you’d like between the posts (freestanding), or between the wall and posts (attached).

  • Determine desired rafter length (depth)
  • Determine desired beam length (width)
  • Calculate overall tip to tip dimensions. This is the size pergola you’ll choose. Overall tip to tip = Rafter (depth or projection) x Beam (width)
  • Determine post height.

We do not offer installation services, but we do have a directory with companies listed that offer pergola installation services. These companies are not endorsed by us in any way, but are companies who chose to list themselves on our website to offer installation services. You will also receive a complete set of installation instructions with your pergola kit.

If one of our standard sizes doesn’t fit your requirements, you can request a custom pergola quote with dimensions unique to your backyard. Once you take your measurements, you can submit a request using our custom quote form, and we will send you a quote free of charge within 24-48 hours.