Fabric Colors

There are several pergola canopy fabric colors and two different fabric choices to choose from when ordering an Infinity retractable canopy for your pergola kit.


  • Blocks 100% of sun rays.
  • Non-Transparent
  • Fire Rating: Varies
  • Resistant to mold, and fading
  • Can protect against rain
  • 100% Solution Died Acrylic









  • Blocks 92.5% of UV rays
  • Semi-Transparent (Openness Factor 7.5%)
  • Fire Rating: Class A
  • Resistant to mold and fading
  • Not intended to protect against rain
  • 100% vinyl coated polyester








Infinity retractable canopies can be ordered along with any of our attached or freestanding pergola kits from sizes 12×12 up to 20×20. Infinity Canopy is a slide on wire canopy system that is ready to install out of the box. Canopy kits are manufactured and shipped direct from Infinity Canopy and will be a separate shipment from the pergola kit itself.

How are the canopies sized?

The canopy will measure approximately 4 feet less than the pergola size for each dimension; for example, a 12×12 freestanding pergola would receive an 8×8 canopy (inside post to post dimensions) and a 12×12 attached pergola would receive a 10×8 canopy. Another example: a 12×14 freestanding pergola would receive an 8×10 canopy (inside post to post dimensions) and a 12×14 attached pergola would receive a 10×10 canopy.

What if I already have a pergola, do you sell the retractable canopies separately?

The canopy sizes listed on our website are built for Pergola Depot pergola kits. If the canopy you’re shopping for is to be attached to a Pergola Depot pergola kit, you can purchase the canopy along with your pergola kit. If you did not purchase your pergola kit from us, we recommend that you order your canopy directly from Infinity Canopy to ensure the proper fit.

For fabric samples and questions specific to the Infinity Retractable canopies, or if you require service after you purchase a canopy, please contact Infinity Canopy directly.