Retractable Canopy for Freestanding Pergolas

Retractable Canopy for Freestanding Pergolas

Choose the fabric and color, then choose the size.  The Pergola Size* choices are the Pergola Depot kit sizes. The canopy will measure approximately 4 feet less than the pergola size for each dimension; for example, a 12×14 pergola would receive an 8×10 canopy (inside post to post dimensions).
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Make your pergola canopy two-tone by selecting another color.

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Select the size of pergola you will be ordering.

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You can add an Infinity retractable pergola canopy to any of our Attached pergola kits from 12×12 up to 20×20.

Click here for an Infinity retractable pergola canopy for our Freestanding pergola kits.

If you have or are purchasing a pergola from us and would like to purchase a canopy for your pergola, you can order an Infinity Canopy on our website and we will facilitate the order processing. Infinity Canopy will configure and ship your canopy directly to you.

The canopy sizes listed on our website are for Pergola Depot pergola kits. If you did not purchase your pergola kit from us, we recommend that you order your canopy directly from Infinity Canopy to ensure the proper fit. Email us and we’ll be happy to refer you.

If the canopy you’re shopping for is to be attached to a Pergola Depot pergola kit, and you’d like help choosing the size, email or call us with your questions.

If you have questions or require service after you purchase a canopy, please visit Infinity Canopy or Infinity Canopy FAQ.

How To Order

Infinity canopy is available in 5 foot width sections, so the total width of the canopy will always be a multiple of 5 feet. The sections are placed side by side with a gap in between them to cover the pergola. Simply select the fabric and the color, then choose the size pergola you are purchasing. For a multicolor canopy make sure you select two colors.

Canopy kits are shipped direct from Infinity Canopy and will be a separate shipment from the pergola kit itself.

If you have any questions please click here to contact us, or view the infinity canopy FAQ page.

Infinity Canopy is the first and only slide on wire canopy system that is ready to install out of the box. Because of its unique modular design can fit any space and be modified infinitely to meet your design and shade needs.

Ordinary slide on wire canopies are not modifiable once fabricated, but Infinity Canopy is made with individual panels and connecting bars giving you amazing features not available by any other shade system such as:

  • Add or remove panels to increase or decrease the length and width of your canopy.
  • Change your canopy’s color and design within minutes.
  • Quickly replace any damaged section with replacement parts.
  • Remove and reinstall your canopy for cleaning, repairs or winterization in minutes.

Enhance your outdoor space and living experience and get the most out of your investment. Infinity canopy provides extraordinary function, beauty and versatility that custom made systems, umbrellas and other outdoor shade systems can never match.

Important Note:

You will need to modify these canopies  in order to fit some of the pergola sizes. It is a fairly easy process to make the modifications and involves cutting the aluminum profiles and panels down so the canopy fits correctly.

Watch the videos below for more info about installation and an introduction to the Infinity Canopy System.