Wood Pergola Resources & Tips

Here’s some additional information about our pergola products including how to measure for your backyard pergola, pergola kit wood types, pergola post information, footprint diagram of both freestanding and attached pergolas, and prefab pergola installation information.

How to Measure for a Pergola – Offers steps and diagram to help you measure for you pergola. Our pergola sizes are listed as Rafter Length (projection/depth) x Beam Length (width). For example, a 9×12 pergola is Rafter Length 9 feet by Beam Length 12 feet.

Footprint Diagram – Footprint diagram for our freestanding pergola kits and attached pergola kits.

Post Information – Information to assist you when you’re trying to decide the length of pergola posts needed for your wood pergola kit.

Pergola Wood Types – A comparison of the pergola wood types used to build our pergola kits.

Installation Information – Step by step instructions for your do-it-yourself pergola kit for each of our pergola kit styles: Big Kahuna, Sombrero, Fedora, Brim, and Visor.