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Want to elevate your outdoor oasis with a stunning driveway pergola? Search no more! Our driveway pergola kits take the hassle out of adding a pergola to your driveway. Achieve unmatched curb appeal with our easy-to-install pergola kits, offered in more than 90 sizes, including options featuring a roof for optimal coverage or a pergola over the garage door for shade and an exterior accent. Crafted to provide shade and make a grand entrance, our pergolas are a perfect fit for any home style. Discover elegance and practicality in your outdoor living space today!

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Pergola Kits that Make Your Driveway Stand Out

Shield your beloved vehicles from the elements and add a touch of style with a driveway pergola kit. If you have a soft spot for your cars, a driveway or garage pergola can offer the ideal shelter for your four-wheeled friends. Our driveway pergolas not only provide protection for your cherished cars and trucks but also elevate the appearance of your home! Crafted with aesthetics in mind, our DIY pergola kits guarantee that your driveway area is both trendy and practical. So, grab your measuring tape and determine the perfect pergola size for your adored vehicles or garage door area today!

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How Does Getting a Driveway Pergola Work?

Looking to enhance your driveway with a pergola? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Do some research: Take into consideration the size, style, and wood type for your pergola. Also, think about your climate, budget, and preferred installation method.

Step 2. Take measurements: Before ordering your pergola, make sure to measure the area where you plan to install it. How big do pergolas need to be to provide adequate weather protection for your vehicles? Or do you simply want to add a decorative pergola to the space above your garage door?

Step 3. Check for permits: Contact your local HOA, county, or city to find out if you need a permit for adding a pergola to your driveway. It’s better to find out ahead of time what those requirements are.

Step 4. Place your order: Once you’ve chosen the perfect pergola for your driveway, go ahead and place your order on our website. We offer pay over time and other pergola financing options if your budget doesn’t allow for pay in full.

Step 5. Review and confirm your order details. We’ll review your order, and we’ll contact you to confirm the size and style match your space. You’ll have the opportunity to confirm all the details before production begins.

Step 6. Mark your calendar! Once your order is confirmed, your pergola kit will be scheduled on our production calendar. That’s when you’ll want to start gathering your team to help unload, inspect, and assemble your new driveway pergola. If you have any specific timeframe you’d like to receive your pergola, call us and we’ll discuss possible delivery dates.

Prepare to beautify your driveway with a stunning pergola. Shop for your covered driveway pergola kit today!

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Browsing our wide range of driveway pergola kits and elevate your car’s protection with an exquisite pergola today!

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Ready to spruce up your entryway with a driveway pergola? We’re here to bring your vision to life! We understand that selecting the right size and style can feel overwhelming, but no worries. Our selection includes driveway, backyard, and deck pergola kits, as well as covered pergolas that provide the desired look and protection for your cherished vehicles. Call us to discuss your project. Our team will collaborate with you to discover the perfect size and design that fulfills your needs, ensuring your peace of mind. We’re excited to create the pergola kit that adds a stylish touch to your driveway!

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How Does Installing a Driveway Pergola Carport Work?

There are two ways to install a driveway pergola carport. One is installing on top of the driveway surface, and one is installing off the driveway. Your choice will depend on the amount of space you’re trying to cover. Are you building an outdoor seating area next to your driveway? Or are you creating a carport for your vehicles? If you’re covering your vehicles, measure the size of the vehicles you’d like to cover with the pergola, the seating area (if applicable), and the size of your driveway. If your driveway is just big enough to fit your cars, a pergola that has post to post measurement the same width of the driveway won’t work. In this case, you’ll want to install the pergola posts outside of the driveway edges in the ground.

How do I choose the best driveway pergola size to cover my cars?

To find the size pergola you need for your driveway, start by measuring the width of the space needed to cover your vehicle or vehicles. After you calculate that measurement, add the amount of space you’d like between the vehicle and the inside of the posts. That will be your inside post to post measurement. Next, measure the length of the area where you’re planning to park. This measurement will also be important when you decide on the overall size.

Now that you’ve calculated the amount of space you’ll need around the vehicles, you can browse the different standard size pergola kits available. As an example, here are measurements of our 14×20 freestanding pergola kits with 10’ posts. Our 14 x 20 pergolas have an approximate inside post to post measurement of 10 feet x 16 feet, and have 14’ rafters that equate to the pergola depth and 20’ beams that equate to the pergola width. The width of this size comfortably accommodates two vehicles.

If you know you’re mounting the posts on the concrete parking pad, you’ll want to select that option when you select post height. Post mounting hardware will be included with your kit when it ships, so you can rest assured you’ll have all the necessary wood and hardware to assemble the pergola. When choosing your post height for a pergola you’ll be installing in the ground, make sure you account for frost line and the required post depth you’ll need to accommodate your frost line and that leaves enough room for the vehicles to fit under the pergola.

For assistance in selecting the right size for your pergola, refer to our comprehensive guide on measuring, which provides details on width, length, and height. By planning ahead and taking accurate measurements, you’ll be confident that you’ve selected the proper size for your space.

What tools and supplies will I need to assemble my driveway pergola kit?

Our pergola kits are carefully crated and will include all the components you need to assemble the kit, including the wood components, hardware for assembling the pergola (screws and bolt), optional hardware for attaching posts to concrete footing or slab (mounting bracket and hardware) packing list, and installation instructions. The only thing left for you to gather are your tools and a few helpers for delivery and installation days. For tools, we recommend the following for most standard style and size pergola kits:

  • Tape measure, hammer, level
  • Ladder (tall enough to work the top of your pergola during assembly)
  • Screw gun (a star drive bit is supplied with kit)
  • 3/4” Wrench
  • For new footings: post hole digger, dry concrete mix, gravel, trowel, shovel and mixing bin or wheel barrow
  • For installing rebar into post (if posts going into new concrete foundations): drill, 5/8″ drill bit
  • For all kits using post bases on concrete: drill; 5/8” masonry drill bit; and 15/16” wrench
  • For Pressure Treated Pine kits using post bases on concrete: you will also need a 5/32″ masonry drill bit, and a #2 Philips bit or #2 Philips screw driver.

For helpers, we recommend 3-4 healthy adults capable of lifting heavy timbers be available to unload and then assemble your new pergola.

If you’re unsure whether or not you have the time and skills for the installation, contact us and we’ll talk through your project and what’s required. If you decide you’d like more help, we recommend finding a local contractor or handyman in your area to assist. If you’re ready to tackle this rewarding DIY project, get started today and browse our most popular sizes for your new driveway carport pergola!

FAQs About Our Pergola Kits for Driveways

Are you enthusiastic about putting a pergola on your driveway but still have some questions? Since the advantages of adding driveway pergolas differ, the pergola inquiries also vary! These questions span from choosing the right height to discovering the perfect style that will create the desired look and offer protection. We realize that investing in a pergola is a significant choice, and we’re thrilled to assist with any queries you may have. If you haven’t found the answer to your question here, feel free to call us to discuss your pergola inquiries!

What are the most popular uses for a driveway pergola?

Topping the list of best uses for a driveway pergola include vehicle protection and curb appeal. A driveway pergola can be used as a carport pergola, providing shelter and protection for your vehicle from the harsh elements. It can act as a pergola cover over your driveway, creating a shaded area to park your car and allowing you to comfortably enter and exit your vehicle without feeling like you’re stepping into a furnace. You can also decorate it with climbing plants, hang string lights for a cozy ambiance, or even use it as a gathering spot for a small outdoor party. One of the easiest ways to add a driveway pergola is to attach an eyebrow pergola above your garage door. The possibilities are endless with a driveway pergola attached to your house or parking pad!

Is more space required for an attached driveway pergola or a freestanding pergola?

If you’re looking to elevate the style and functionality of your driveway, a driveway pergola is an exceptional option – but only if you have enough room. With the ability to provide shade and weather protection for your precious vehicles, it also enhances the allure of your home’s exterior. But you might be wondering, should you opt for an attached driveway pergola or a freestanding one when more space is needed?

Will the driveway pergola be connected to your house? Our attached pergola kits provide a space-saving alternative to freestanding ones.

By adding an attached pergola to your driveway, not only can you maximize space, but you can also safeguard your vehicles while introducing a stunning design element to the front of your home.

What type of wood is best for driveway pergolas?

When it comes to adding style and function to your driveway, a wooden driveway pergola is an excellent choice. Not only does it provide shade and protection from the elements for your prized vehicles, it also adds a nice touch to your home’s appearance. When deciding what type of wood to use for your pergola, two of the most important factors are durability and aesthetics. After all, you want your new porch with pergola to look amazing and also keep your vehicles covered for many years! While there are various types of woods to choose from, we recommend using rough sawn western red cedar or #1 pressure treated southern yellow pine. Both of these materials offer durability, resistance to rot and pests, and a beautiful natural look that will complement any home. Plus, they can be stained or painted to match your home’s existing colors (with pine, you’ll need to wait 2-3 months until the treatment dries to apply your preferred finish). So, if you’re looking to add some charm and sophistication to your driveway with a pergola, consider using cedar or pine for a stunning and long-lasting result!

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Are you ready to enhance your curb appeal with a brand new driveway pergola kit? You’ve come to the right place! Our friendly customer service team is here to assist you and help you select the ideal setup to protect your beloved vehicles. Whether you have a large heavy-duty truck or a small sports car to cover, we offer a variety of driveway pergola kits that cater to all needs. Additionally, our user-friendly pergola buying guide will ensure you find the perfect fit in no time! Don’t hesitate any longer – start browsing today and transform your car’s protection with a stunning pergola!