Post Mounting Hardware
Concrete anchorLag Bolt4x4 pergola post base

Post Mounting Hardware

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If you will be installing your pergola on a concrete patio or concrete footings choose Concrete Anchor. If you are installing on top of a wood deck choose Wood Lag. If you need more info about post lengths and installation methods click here.

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Product Description

If you are mounting your pergola posts to a concrete patio, a wood deck, or on top of concrete footings, this is what you will need to make the connection. The 6×6 bases can be used on the Big Kahuna Pergola Kit, and the 4×4 bases can be used on the BrimSombrero and Fedora pergola kits. The price shown includes one galvanized post base and one concrete anchor (or wood lag if chosen). If the pergola you are ordering has 4 posts (freestanding pergola) you will need to change the quantity to 4 before adding it to your cart. If your pergola has 2 posts (attached pergola) you will need to change the quantity to 2 etc. If you have chosen to add the post mounting hardware when you placed your pergola kit in the cart, you do not need to add it here.

For instruction on how to install the pergola post mounting hardware watch the video below.