Post Mounting Hardware

$110.50 Free Shipping

If you are ordering a pergola kit and selected either Post Will Be Going “On concrete slab or footer (10′ posts with mounting hardware)” or “On concrete slab or footer (8′ posts with mounting hardware)“, the post mounting hardware has already been added to your kit. If you are mounting your pergola on a concrete patio, concrete footings, or a wood deck, you will need these in order to make a secure connection.

If you will be installing your pergola on a concrete patio or concrete footings, choose Concrete Anchor. If you are installing on top of a wood deck choose Wood Lag.

The 6×6 bases can be used on the Big Kahuna pergola kit, the Sombrero pergola kit, the Melbourne pergola kit, the Fedora pergola kit and the Brim pergola kit. The price shown includes one galvanized post base and one concrete anchor (or wood lag if chosen). You will need to order one for each post. 

Post Mounting Hardware * 

Select 6×6 post base for pine or cedar, and anchor type. Pine post bases are $110.50 each and there is an additional charge for cedar post bases.


More information: Here’s more info about post lengths and installation methods.

For instruction on how to install the pergola post mounting hardware watch the video below.