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Looking to transform your driveway into a captivating haven with a beautiful pergola carport? Look no further! Our collection of carport pergola kits simplifies the process of bringing refined elegance right to your doorstep. Our kits, available in over 90 sizes, allow you to effortlessly bolster your home’s charm, whether you prefer solar-ready options for energy efficiency or a roofed design for superior vehicle protection. Each kit is meticulously designed for effortless installation, ensuring your vehicles are shaded and sheltered in style. Perfect for any home architecture, our pergolas serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, enriching your outdoor area with both grace and utility. Elevate your exterior with a touch of sophistication that’s practical, too – perfect for the hands-on DIYer and the discerning homeowner alike!

Carport Pergola Kit
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Carport Pergola Kits Make Your House Stand Out

Protect your treasured cars from harsh weather while enhancing your home’s curb appeal with our quality-built carport pergola kits, perfect for the DIY enthusiast. Show some love to your vehicles by offering them the ultimate defense beneath a stylish wood carport pergolas. Our selection not only shields your beloved cars and trucks, it also boosts your property’s aesthetic. With solar-ready options and robust metal roof designs, our do-it-yourself pergola kits ensure your drive-up is as fashionable as it is functional. Ready to make the upgrade? Measure your space and choose the ideal size to give your vehicles the shelter they deserve with added flair!

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How Does Getting a Carport Pergola Work?

Ordering and installing a carport pergola kit from Pergola Depot can be tailored to fit your unique needs and preferences. Start with determining how many vehicles you want to protect and how tall and wide they are. This will will be the driving factor in finding the measurements for your pergola style carport.

Pergola Carport Measurement
Covered Pergola Carport

Measuring for Your Pergola Carport Kit

When selecting the perfect carport driveway pergola, begin with a width measurement to accommodate your car, cars or taller SUVs and trucks with roof racks. Add extra space for a comfortable clearance to this number for an accurate inside post and height measurements. Then, mark the length of the desired parking spot – crucial for determining your pergola’s dimensions.

With these figures in hand, explore various wood pergola kits that fit your space. Take for instance our 16×20 freestanding kit with 10′ posts: it boasts a spacious inside post area of 12 feet by 16 feet, with 16’ rafters forming the depth and 20’ beams providing generous width, suitable for two vehicles. If you have extra tall vehicles to cover, you’ll need to consider how you’ll be mounting the posts and the height of the vehicles. If you’re mounting your posts in the ground, consider selecting 12′ posts to accommodate needed extra height.

If you’re planning to set up your pergola on a concrete base, opt for a kit with corresponding mounting options, complete with all necessary materials for assembly. Choosing an in-ground installation? Make sure to factor in your local frost line and ensure ample post depth for stability and sufficient overhead clearance.

Additionally, our lineup includes solar-ready and metal roof covered pergola variations, adding extra protection and aesthetic appeal to your setup. With these two pergola styles, review the pergola specifications to ensure that they will meet your required dimensions. Something that will impact the size will be the location and chosen method for mounting the posts for your pergola. For tailored guidance on picking the right pergola size, take a look at our pergola measurement guide.

Where to Mount My Pergola Carport Posts

Wondering about the best way to secure the posts for your new carport pergola? Consider whether they should be positioned in the soil adjacent to your driveway or directly on the concrete. When installing posts in the ground, one consideration is how to maintain the appropriate height?

Here’s a straightforward guide: Dig your footing holes to the requisite depth (beyond the frost line in your region) and use post mounting brackets to affix the posts to the concrete foundations or onto your existing driveway slab. These brackets provide a reliable connection and elevate the post bases by an inch off the surface, protecting them from water accumulation.

While exploring our pergola kit options, you’ll have the flexibility to add post mounting hardware that matches the wood type you select. We offer standard sizes of 8′, 10′, and 12′ posts, but we can also trim them to custom dimensions if required. For concrete slab installations, the 8-foot or 10-foot posts are optimal. For our Big Kahuna PLUS covered pergola kits with metal roofing, note that the post heights will vary to accommodate the slope required for the roofing. All of our Big Kahuna pergola kits have been engineered to withstand 175 mph wind gusts, and the Big Kahuna PLUS also is engineered to accommodate snow loads in most U.S. locations.

Ensure that the footings are deeper than the frost line to prevent upheaval. For in-ground installations, you have the choice of setting the posts with or without a flared concrete base. The flared base is ideal for frost-prone areas, as it helps prevent the posts from being displaced.

If the installation process seems somewhat daunting, we highly recommend consulting with a professional contractor to ensure your pergola stands strong and true for years to come. Call us with any questions you have about our carport pergola kits.

How Do Carport Pergolas Get Shipped?

Once we’ve finished up your new carport pergola kit, we will carefully crate it and make it secure for shipping and delivery. From the tailored wood components and high quality hardware to the detailed packing list and step-by-step assembly instructions, everything you need is included. We custom build a pallet that goes under and around each pergola, stack the pergola pieces on the pallet, then strap the pieces down and build crating around the outside to protect the lumber. Here are a few tips so you can be prepared to receive your new pergola. For the style pergolas we recommend for driveway pergola carports – the Big Kahuna, Big Kahuna PLUS, Big Kahuna Solar-ready, and Sombrero – the kit will arrive on the back of a semi truck and you and your team will need to hand unload it piece by piece. Plan to have 2-3 healthy adults available to help unload the pergola (2-3 healthy adults can typically unload a standard size kit in about 20-30 minutes). Bring gloves, a tool to cut the strapping from the crate (either a pair of scissors or a knife), and possibly a screw gun with a Phillips bit to uncrate the lumber. Every kit is crated a little differently due to the different sizes of pergola kits available. Not all crates will need to have screws removed but those that do will usually have 4-6 screws to take out in order to remove the pergola pieces from the crate. You’ll need to plan to dispose of the crating material, as the drivers are not required to remove the crating. Inspect and unload each of the pieces, and neatly stack them in an area that will be protected from weather until you assemble your pergola.

FAQs About our Carport Pergolas

From size to wood type, and how to install your new pergola style carport, this section will answer a few of the top questions asked about carport pergola kits.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Carport Pergola?

Installing a pergola is similar to other outdoor home improvement projects, so it’s highly recommended to investigate the regulatory requirements in your area as part of your initial outdoor project planning phase. Often a pergola does not require a building permit, but exceptions exist in various locations throughout the contiguous United States. But find out for sure before you make a purchase to avoid headaches and additional costs later.

While exploring common requirements, Pergola Depot cannot offer legal advice. Every locality has different ordinances, so customers must make sure their pergola plans comply with local laws, building codes and zoning regulations prior to construction.

Building standards are in place to ensure proper construction materials and techniques are used. For several of our pergola styles, we can provide an engineered drawing upon request after you purchase your kit, that can be used to pull permits or for HOA approvals. Just let us know about those possible requirements when you place your order. Keep in mind when you’re selecting your pergola kit, the size and location of the pergola often dictate whether a building permit for the pergola is needed. For example, freestanding pergola next to a house is often considered an architectural element, but the rules may change if the pergola is attached. Check with your local building department for building code requirements that apply to your area.

What are the Most Popular Uses for a Carport Pergola?

The #1 use for a carport pergola is vehicle protection and #2 is curb appeal. A carport pergola can be used as an extension of your home, providing shelter and protection for your vehicle from the harsh elements. It can act as a driveway cover, creating a shaded area to park your car and allowing you to comfortably enter and exit your vehicle without stepping directly into the direct sun. You can also decorate it with climbing plants, hang string lights for a added ambiance, or even use it as a gathering spot for a small outdoor driveway party. One of the easiest ways to add a carport pergola is to attach it to the front or end of your house. The possibilities are endless with an attached carport pergola!

Is More Space Required for An Attached or a Freestanding Pergola?

If you’re looking to elevate the style and functionality of your driveway, a carport pergola is an exceptional option – but only if you have ample space. With the ability to provide shade and weather protection for your precious vehicles, it also enhances the allure of your home’s exterior. But you might be wondering, should you opt for an attached or freestanding pergola when more space is needed?

Will the driveway pergola be connected to your house or other structure? Our attached pergola kits provide a space-saving alternative to freestanding ones.

By adding an attached pergola style carport to your driveway, not only can you maximize space, but you can also protect your vehicles while introducing a stunning design element to the front of your home.

Pergola Carport Attached to House
Pergola Style Carport

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Ready to spruce up your property with a carport pergola? Our selection of DIY pergola kits includes driveway, backyard, and attached pergola kits, as well as covered pergolas that provide the desired look and protection for your valuable vehicles. Call us to discuss your project. Our team will collaborate with you to discover the perfect size and design that provide the desired look and protection for your cars and trucks. We’re excited to create the pergola kit that adds some style to your driveway!