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Shade Ideas for Your Backyard or Patio

Looking for backyard shade ideas you can add to your outdoor space? Is your patio sitting empty for many of the hot summer months because there’s not enough shade? There are many types of structures you can add to cover your patio ranging from umbrellas to retractable awnings. But if you’re looking for a more permanent structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions and create an inviting space, consider adding a wood pergola. Pergolas provide shade and can transform an [...]


DIY Spruce-ups for Wood Pergola Kits and Patio Pieces

Getting your outdoor furniture and structures ready for the season? Grab a paint brush and do a quick spruce up of your front door, patio furniture, and other structures. The summer heat that will be here soon can crack and warp a wooden front door’s surface over time. Repainting or staining doors, wooden benches, and furniture can help protect those wood surfaces from the elements. It also makes it look fresh and welcoming! Assess your larger outdoor wooden structures [...]