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wood pergola kits

DIY Spruce-ups for Wood Pergola Kits and Patio Pieces

Getting your outdoor furniture and structures ready for the season? Grab a paint brush and do a quick spruce up of your front door, patio furniture, and other structures. The summer heat that will be here soon can crack and warp a wooden front door’s surface over time. Repainting or staining doors, wooden benches, and furniture can help protect those wood surfaces from the elements. It also makes it look fresh and welcoming! Assess your larger outdoor wooden structures such as [...]

sample outdoor patio design
sample outdoor patio

How to Get Started with Your Outdoor Patio Design

If you’re just starting out with a new outdoor patio design, try one of the many sample outdoor patio drawings out there. Or start from scratch by creating your own rough sketch of your yard and some of the basic features you’d like to add. Your local landscaper could help you out or do your own quick drawing with pencil and paper first. This can help you figure out your space, think about the elements you’d like to incorporate, [...]

standard pergola dimensions

How to Measure Pergola Dimensions

If you’ve decided you’re adding a backyard pergola to complete your patio design and create a little shade for those soon-to-return sunny days, here are a few steps that’ll walk you through how to measure and find the pergola dimensions and size that will fit your space. We’ve outlined how to measure for a pergola attached to a wall or a freestanding pergola. For our pergola kits, standard pergola dimensions range from 8×8 to 20×20. Once you take your [...]

wood pergola guide

Guide to Choosing Wood for a Pergola

This easy to follow wood pergola guide offers a brief overview of two of the most popular wood types for pergolas. Which type do you prefer? Two classic choices of wood for pergola kits are pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine and Western Red Rough Sawn Tight Knot Cedar. Both are excellent choices for a sturdy pergola that will last for many years. These wood types offer strength and durability that look good in many types of settings from rustic [...]


How to Enhance Outdoor Spaces

Looking for ways to enhance your outdoor spaces and not sure where to start? Landscaping and hardscaping can transform your backyard into a functional favorite room that can be used year-round. Define and enhance outdoor spaces with pavers for your patio and pathways, and soften the backdrop with evergreens or deciduous plants that will thrive in your climate zone. Pull it all together with an outdoor structure like a cedar pergola and you’re well on your way to defining [...]