Wall Mounted Pergola Kits

Transform your outdoor space with our top picks for wall-mounted pergola kits. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of style to a small paver patio or planning an extensive outdoor retreat, our curated selection features the best designs to fit a variety of spaces.

From modern lines to classic structures, these kits offer both style and functionality, creating the perfect setting for hosting a dinner party or escaping the hot sun. Discover how easy it is to elevate your backyard with a versatile attached pergola.


Understanding Wall Mounted Pergolas

What is a wall mounted pergola? A wall mounted pergola is a pergola that is attached to a wall on one end using a ledger board, and attached to a concrete pad or patio on the other end using posts. Wall mounted pergolas are a popular pergola style that is often chosen when space is limited, or when a distinct design is desired in a landscape plan. One distinction between an attached pergola and a freestanding pergola is a mounting board or ledger board that is affixed to the structure where the pergola will be attached. Another difference is that most standard size attached pergola kits include 2 posts and standard freestanding pergola kits include 4 posts. Ideal uses for this pergola style are extending a patio cover out a kitchen slider, over a patio doorway, or to create a covered seating area for a pool house or outdoor café. An attached pergola with roof coverage is a highly sought after feature for outdoor pool deck seating or outdoor restaurants. Benefits and uses for wall-mounted pergolas are endless, but we’ll dive deeper into a few of the most common uses here.

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Benefits of Wall Mounted Pergola Kits

There are numerous benefits in adding an attached pergola to your patio. Attached pergolas add a beautiful design element to your outdoor kitchen or living room, are easy to install, and preserve more of your usable square footage. Outdoor living designs that include a pergola attached to house exterior walls can also improve home value. By attaching the pergola structure directly to your home, you’ll increase your overall footprint and create more open space on the rest of your patio. Choosing the best style and size pergola are the first steps to getting started with your outdoor space with your new wall mounted pergola as the centerpiece!


Choosing the Right Wall Mounted Pergola Kit

When choosing the perfect wall-mounted pergola kit, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure that your investment enhances your outdoor space just like you envisioned – while standing the test of time (and harsh weather!). Budget is often the #1 consideration; it influences the size, style, material quality, and installation complexity of your pergola kit. Do your research and keep in mind – some kits that are labelled as DIY pergola kits offer the bare minimum, requiring you to source posts, rafters, or beams separately. We recommend opting for a complete kit for added convenience and value for your investment.

Our high-quality pergola kits are designed to endure, include all the components to build your pergola, and can be installed by beginner DIYers all the way up to skilled carpenters. Crafted with durability in mind, we’ve engineered our pergolas to stand up to 175 mph wind gusts, a testament to the kind of resilient performance you can expect. For those situated in locations that are prone to hurricanes or seeking robustness as a priority, our pergolas are a great solution. We also understand the allure of customizing your backyard without the hefty price tag of a custom build, which is why ours are a popular solution. It’s a hybrid of a custom built pergola kit and a do-it-yourself. Customize it by choosing the exact size you need for your space. Our award-winning customer service team can discuss your project and guide you on measuring for a pergola so you get the perfect fit. Send us a custom pergola request to get your project started, and we’ll review it and get in touch to figure out your pergola match.

Ready-to-assemble upon delivery, perfect for both seasoned DIY enthusiasts and novices alike – our wood pergola kits are built with quality in mind and priced affordably for many backyard budgets. Enjoy the benefits today of pergola living and change your backyard for the better!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Mounted Pergolas

By choosing to install an attached pergola, homeowners and business owners alike can leverage the unused outdoor areas to fashion new, purposeful, and attractive settings. Whether you’re a homeowner keen on a backyard makeover or a business owner looking to elevate your customers’ experience, a wall mounted pergola kit promises utility, comfort, and style. Here are some popular questions about attached pergola kits to help you decide how and where to use your new backyard design feature!

What are some ideal locations for a wall mounted pergola kit?

An attached pergola can be a versatile and functional landscape feature in various settings. Top 5 locations for pergola kits attached to house or business structures:

  1. Stylish Outdoor Living Room: Create a cozy space for family and friends right in your backyard.
  2. Welcoming Front Porch: Front porch pergola kits attached to your entryway adds beauty and shade. Add your personal touch with cedar planter boxes overflowing with your favorite blooms.
  3. Protected Pool or Hot Tub Seating: Shade coverage for seating in popular outdoor spaces, consider DIY pool pergola kits to create poolside shade for summer BBQs. Hot tub pergolas offer cover for all-season hot tubbing!
  4. Break Room Outside Your Business: Give employees a breathable space to relax and recharge. Make an outdoor lunchroom. Grill pergola kits can create an instant outdoor kitchen for team building cookouts.
  5. Covered Seating for Open-Air Restaurants: Enhance your establishment’s aesthetic and seating options with an inviting outdoor eating area.

Can I attach a pergola to stucco?

A wall mounted pergola needs to be mounted to something structural such as wood frame or block. You can attach a wood pergola to stucco as long as you are attaching to a concrete block wall or the wood framing behind the stucco when you attach the ledger board. So you’ll need to investigate what is beneath the stucco surface. If it is a block wall or wood framed, you’re all set. If the surface you’re attaching the pergola to is not wood or concrete, find out what material is behind the exterior. For example, if you have a stucco wall surface, what is behind the stucco that you’ll be installing your pergola to?

With our attached patio pergola kits, we provide the mounting board and hardware that attaches to your exterior wall. When you place your order, you’ll select “Attached to wood framed wall” or “attached to concrete block wall”. This selection will determine the type of hardware we send along with your wood pergola kit.

Will I need a permit to build a pergola?

One of the most common questions when embarking on an outdoor living space update is do I need a permit to build a pergola? The best place to find out about building permits is your local building division, your homeowners association, or your county permitting office. Since this varies by location, before you go down the road too far with your pergola project, find out what’s required to attach a pergola to house walls or other structures in your specific location.


Update Your Space with a Wall Mount Pergola Kit

Are you considering the addition of an attached pergola to your exterior space but have questions? Pergola Depot ready-to-assemble kits take much of the guesswork and legwork out of building your pergola! Review our comparison of pergola styles to check out our assortment of pre-cut & pre-drilled DIY pergola kits. Contact us if you need guidance on pergola sizing to get your project started or browse our large selection of wood pergola kits today!