Fedora 10×15 Patio Cover Kits

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Fedora 10×15 Patio Cover Kit Features

The Fedora 10×15 pergola kit comes standard with:

  • Double 2×8 Beams
  • 2×8 Un-notched Rafters
  • 6×6 Mortised Posts
  • 2×6 Decorative Angle Braces
  • 2×2 Top Slats
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Optional Galvanized Post Mounting Hardware

Select your options below to customize your pergola kit: Wood Type, Freestanding or Attached, Post Length and Post Mounting Method, End Shape, and Post Base Trim.

Wood Type * 

Freestanding or Attached * 

Will your new pergola be freestanding or attached to a wall?

Posts * 

Choose post length and mounting method that matches your choice of freestanding or attached. More Info

End Shape * 

Select your end shape:
Pergola End Shapes

Add Post Base Trim * 

Decorative trim 1” thick by 8” high to cover up the post mounting hardware. More info


10×15 Patio Cover Kits

Add a touch of class to your home and outdoor seating area. The stylish Fedora 10×15 pergola kit can give your guests a spot to relax in the shade during your outdoor gatherings. Build with 6×6 posts, double 2×8 beams and rafters, 2×6 angle braces, and 2×2 top slats, the 10×15 pergola kit is the perfect fit for most of today’s standard backyard garden designs.