Fedora 8×16 Patio Cover Kits

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Fedora 8×16 Patio Cover Kit Features

The Fedora 8×16 pergola kit comes standard with:

  • Double 2×8 Beams
  • 2×8 Un-notched Rafters
  • 6×6 Mortised Posts
  • 2×6 Decorative Angle Braces
  • 2×2 Top Slats
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Optional Galvanized Post Mounting Hardware

Select your options below to customize your pergola kit: Wood Type, Freestanding or Attached, Post Length and Post Mounting Method, End Shape, and Post Base Trim.

Wood Type * 

Freestanding or Attached * 

Will your new pergola be freestanding or attached to a wall?

Posts * 

Choose post length and mounting method that matches your choice of freestanding or attached. More Info

End Shape * 

Select your end shape:
Pergola End Shapes

Add Post Base Trim * 

Decorative trim 1” thick by 8” high to cover up the post mounting hardware. More info


8×16 Patio Cover Kits

If you’re looking for some patio coverage and design for your entertaining area, our 8×16 Fedora pergola kit provides just the right amount of coverage. With sturdy 6×6 posts, double 2X8 beams, 2X8 rafters, 2X6 angle braces, and 2X2 top slats you’ll be pleased with the quality of your wood pergola kit that’s built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The Fedora 8×16 is a great, simple choice for your shade cover! This leaves plenty of space for your comfy seating area!