5 Fun Backyard Structures to Fill Empty Yard Space

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Back yards can either be a beautiful hangout for family and friends or an area that induces thoughts of stress due to that one area devoid of any backyard structures.

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It can be difficult trying to find ways to fill your whole backyard with enjoyment, but here are five different ways you can update that bare space and add functionality.

  1. Put in a rain garden

If you live in a more urban area, rain runoff can be a problem. By adding a small depression in the ground you can allow the storm water to soak into the ground and back into the water cycle. Not only are you helping to reduce water pollution, flooding, and erosion, but you can also add beauty to the surrounding area with plants. Backyard structures such as your own rain garden can become a beautiful spot to relax and give back to the earth by planting. Planting local flora will be more resilient to your area’s unique soil as well as promote growth of non-invasive species.

  1. Look into a swimming pool

I know, this one seems daunting. It can be a huge task to take on a pool, especially if a huge Olympic size inground comes to mind immediately. However, a lot of pools come in a variety of sizes and there are some beautiful smaller pools on the market that may not require as much maintenance. Pools do come with a whole list of chores such as water temperature, PH levels, and filtration but nothing beats a dip in cool water on a hot summer day.

  1. Add playground equipment

If you have children this is almost a no brainer. A swing set with a slide takes up space and ultimately can look classy while adding re-sale value to a home if installed properly. Again, there are a whole host of different styles of equipment to choose from, so do your research and find a set that fits with your home and your family.

  1. Set up lawn games

There are a ton, and I mean a TON of fun and aesthetically pleasing lawn games out there ranging from family park to classic games such as horseshoes, croquet, and bocci ball. These lawn games tend to be pretty durable and if you create a space with storage for them they can be left out and not look chaotic in your bare space.

  1. Install a pergola with pavers

These beautiful installations can turn a drab area into an instant focal point. Use it as an area for relaxation and for entertainment. There are also endless outdoor styling options with pergolas so no matter what your taste, it will always fit in.

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