Water Saving Yard Designs

Water Saving Yard Designs

It’s not always possible to create a balance of shade and sun in your yard (and keep your plants healthy) with water saving yard designs, especially if you live in a climate that’s hot many months out of the year. But don’t give up! If you’re looking for tips for yard designs that can help you save water and keep your home cooler during heat waves and dry spells, read on for a few handy resources. Creating shade with ground cover and shade trees can help keep your yard attractive while reducing water and maintenance requirements.

Southern Living offers a couple ways to save water in your yard, including adding some drought-tolerant native plants. Focused mainly on the Southern North American states, some of the water saving yard designs they’ve recommended could work in several other states. Wherever you live, native plants are a good way to incorporate lower-water landscaping that tends to survive more easily with less attention by relying on the natural conditions.

The Denver Botanic Gardens offers a nice array of options and diverse collection of plants native to the Western North American states in their Gardens of the West Collection. Although their suggestions are directed more at the high-plains, high-altitude climates, you may find inspiration and ideas here that can transfer to a comparable climate. Incorporating wooden structures into your landscape design can also offer a new look to your water saving yard design. An awning or trellis complements any garden area with a simple structure you can enhance with some self-watering potted plants, or string lights to soften your evening gathering spot. Our own Visor Pergola Kit is a wooden awning kit that can sit over windows, sliders, or doors that can work great in keeping the sunny side of your home a little cooler and shadier to help retain some of the moisture for your thirstier plants.

Your local landscapers and home and garden shows are great resources to learn about the best plant varieties for your climate.

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