What to Do with an Empty Backyard Living Space

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Trying to make the most of your veranda? A wood arbor kit can be a classic way to accent your outdoor space. Creating your dream backyard can often be a challenge if there are space constraints. There are so many choices and design ideas, and yet only so much square footage in your outdoor area. But don’t despair! If you live in a downtown area or have a compact space to design and fill, an arbor or a pergola always look amazing and will never go out of style. Add some easy string outdoor lighting, a cooking area, and a patio dining set, and you’re ready to entertain!

wood arbor kitwood arbor kit

Wood structures can be used as an easy yet memorable entrance to a garden area or patio. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also help define the area or make the space feel like an extra room has been added on to your home. Investing in a wood arbor kit or pergola can become the focal point of your garden space. From there you can decorate the space to fit the rest of your landscaping with different flowers and plants, and you can have a home away from home in your own backyard!

Arbors and other landscape structures come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be fully customized. No matter the shape or size you choose, you can be sure that pine or cedar will weather outdoor conditions well. All you need to do is pick something that compliments the style and structure of your home.

So, I say go ahead and give your yard a new look this spring. A trellis, pergola, or arbor can add a special flair, are easy to install, and are a classic way to spruce up any backyard space.

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