Five Tips for a Party-Ready Pergola

Five Tips for a Party-Ready Pergola

Top five party-ready pergola tips to get your patio and pergola ready for a New Year’s celebration are centered around making one of your favorite spaces your go-to spot before the ball drops at midnight. Courtesy of our fabulous customers, we’ve gathered a couple photos taken in warm and cold climates, so even if your temps might be inching toward (or below) freezing you can still enjoy time under your pergola!

party-ready pergola party-ready pergola

1. Build a fire in your fire pit for some added warmth

2. Add a dining table or comfy couches to enjoy your outdoor area

3. Soften the evening look with string lights or tiki torches

4. Set up an area to watch the big game or your favorite countdown to midnight

5. Create a sitting area with plenty of space for your pets to relax nearby

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