How to Change up your Landscape Design

How to Change up your Landscape Design

Landscape design changes can take a weekend or up to several weeks, depending on how elaborate your plans are, and if you’re enlisting the help of a contractor. With so many options for design and decor, try working with what you already have, and then work in a few new features gradually to achieve your desired look. Here are a couple ways to change up your backyard’s landscaping and still try out trendy new designs.

  • Transplant or plant new. Many people think that once a plant is in the ground it’s there until the bitter end. This isn’t always true, so do a little research to see what you can transplant. Some varieties can be moved very easily – trees and shrubs being the most impactful on your backyard. There are many different resources online to follow, but found that has some easy to follow instructions in this how-to article. Your local landscaper can offer location specific planting and transplanting advice.


  • Add an outdoor structure. A well built garden arbor, trellis, or pergola can really make a big difference when it comes to your backyard. You can use a pergola to define a certain space such as a lounging area or just add a focal point to your backyard in general. Choose a structure that compliments your landscape design and suits your personal taste.
  • Accommodate for wildlife. While you may not want all kinds of critters in your backyard, there’s nothing quite as magical as looking out your window to see a deer strolling along. Add butterfly bushes, which will not only attract the pretty insects but also rabbits and deer, and a few well-placed bird feeders and birdbaths will draw all kinds of avian friends. If you don’t want woodland creatures munching on your garden, consider planting bitter flowers to dissuade them from eating anything and adding fencing little paws can’t hop over.


  • Think through your color palette. There are hundreds if not thousands of flower choices when you start thinking of planting. It can be so tempting to grab them all and plant them together without a thought. Instead think through the colors that you want in your yard and place them together. Too many colors together can feel hectic; complimenting or monotone colors look chic and are more likely to flourish.
  • Add some lighting. Exterior lighting not only looks beautiful when the sun starts to set but also makes your garden pop by drawing the eye to specific areas. Look into solar lighting around paths, and if you have a structure such as an arbor or pergola, stringing twinkle lights along the edges always looks charming.


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