The Visor is a perfect wood awning kit for that big empty wall above a slider, window, French door, or even a garage door. Whether you paint, stain, or leave your Visor its natural wood color, the Visor pergola kit is a perfect fit and will fill that space with style! 

  • Kit includes all components needed to assemble your Visor – precut lumber, installation hardware, and instructions
  • Enhance a garage door or front entryway
  • Provide shade over a window or slider
  • Add your own finishing touches with stain, paint, and decorative hardware of your choosing
  • Custom sizes available

The Visor Pergola Kit

$2,275.00 Free Shipping

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Wood Swatch - Cedar
Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar
Pressure Treated Yellow Pine
Grand total


Over-Door Pergolas to Perk Up Your Place

An over-door pergola is the ultimate accent for your entryway. A front door pergola is an excellent addition to any home’s exterior. The Visor pergola kit adds character and style to your home’s design. It’s ideal as a pergola at your front door entrance. If you’re looking to spruce up your home’s look, you can’t go wrong with an entrance pergola over your front door. The Visor also can be used at a side door or as a sliding door pergola. Your options are nearly endless!

Pricing for our Visor pergola kits start at $2,275, which is the pricing for our smallest size Visor – our 6’ Visor pergola kit in pressure treated pine. To view your fully configured price, choose your desired size and wood type. Dimensions for standard sizes are shown below in the description.

Whether you want to dress up an entry door, window, slider, French door, or garage door, our Visor pergola kits are the perfect wood awning kit for that big empty wall. With double 2X8 beams that protrude from the wall, 2X6 rafters running parallel, and 2X2 top slats, this wall pergola will surely fill any space with style. We offer the Visor in many different widths to fit outside of just about any door size. This kit is available in rough-sawn western red cedar or pressure-treated pine. Pressure-treated pine kits can be stained or painted once the pressure treatment has dried (a few months, depending on your location). Paint or stain can be applied to cedar once you receive the pergola kit.

Overall Width Overall Depth Inside Beam to Beam Inside Wall Mount
6′ Visor 6′ 26″ 3’2″ (38″) 3’1-1/2″ (37 1/2″)
8′ Visor 8′ 26″ 5’2″ (62″) 5’1-1/2″ (61 1/2″)
10′ Visor 10′ 26″ 7’2″ (86″) 7’1-1/2″ (85 1/2″)
12′ Visor 12′ 26″ 9’2″ (110″) 9’1-1/2″ (109 1/2″)
14′ Visor 14′ 26″ 11’2″ (134″) 11’1-1/2″ (133 1/2″)
16′ Visor 16′ 26″ 13’2″ (158″) 13’1-1/2″ (157 1/2″)
18′ Visor 18′ 26″ 15’2″ (182″) 15’1-1/2″ (181 1/2″)
20′ Visor 20′ 26″ 17’2″ (206″) 17’1-1/2″ (205 1/2″)

All standard sizes include (2) beam assemblies including: 2×8 double beam, 2×6 angle bracket and mounting board. Sizes 16’ and larger include one additional beam assembly that can be installed if desired. The additional beam assembly includes: 2×6 double beam, 2×6 angle bracket and mounting board.

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Need a Visor sized in between our standard sizes or larger? Contact us or complete the custom pergola kit quote request form. Pergola Depot carries full sized and custom size border or garage pergolas to match many size spaces. Call us to learn more about how to measure your space for your wood pergola, or shop all of our pergola kits today!

Spiff Up Your Garage Door With a Visor Pergola Kit

Since pergolas are typically found in garden areas as part of a stylish landscape, it may come as a surprise that two of the top 10 uses for a pergola revolve around our beloved vehicles.

A Visor pergola kit makes an outstanding decorative feature above an existing garage door. Garage pergola kits that are used to decorate the exterior of homes create a natural-looking awning that can also be enhanced with vining plants. An extra touch of style on an otherwise dead space above your garage is a welcoming sight when you come home from a busy day at work.

Pergola over-garage-door kits can be installed above a single, double, or larger garage door, adding a design feature to enhance that empty wall space on the exterior of your home.

When used as a decorative feature for the exterior of a home, a wood pergola over your garage door can enhance the look of your house and contribute loads of curb appeal. A garage Visor pergola can be built in various widths.

Attached pergola kits for your garage make it more inviting whenever you pull into your driveway. Placing a Visor pergola above a garage door or on an empty side wall of a garage dresses up any home’s exterior.

But pergolas can be more than purely decorative. Used as a more stylish carport, a full-size pergola can be built next to or in place of a standard garage. When used as a garage or carport, a pergola kit provides a space to park a car, truck, or other vehicles without the expense of building a garage.

A pergola attached to your garage can take many shapes and sizes. Whether you use a pergola on your garage for decorative or functional purposes, it’s a great way to spruce up your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pergola Garages

At Pergola Depot, we’re proud of the wide range of pergolas we offer our customers. Read the following questions to learn more about pergola garages.

The purpose of a garage pergola is multifaceted. It can be used for purely decorative reasons, or a full-size pergola can take the place of a carport or garage.

You can learn how to build a garage pergola as a DIY project. Check out our Visor pergola assembly instructions for more details.

The dimensions of a garage pergola depend on the width of the garage door. It’s easy to learn how to measure a pergola. To determine the size of the Visor pergola to install above your garage door, measure the width of the garage door frame and include space for the pergola to extend beyond the frame on each side.

A Visor pergola kit can adorn more than an entryway, slider, or garage door. It also looks great as an over-the-window pergola. With your choice of wood, window pergola kits lend a certain panache to your home’s exterior. They look fantastic on their own, but you can also decorate a pergola over a window with hanging plants or vines. Give your home the look you’ve always wanted with a window pergola kit.

You can install a wall-mounted, DIY pergola kit and turn any wall into a focal point. Your home will come into a style all its own with a wall pergola kit. Don’t let blank wall space bring down the look of your home. Add a wall pergola on your garage and enjoy the warmth and beauty it creates.

A Visor pergola kit adds just the right touch to any home. Whether you want to enhance an entryway, slider, window, or garage door, a Visor pergola is the way to go. Start shopping today to create the home exterior of your dreams.

Adding a Pergola Kit to a Standard Size Garage Door

Add some curb appeal to your home and make it more inviting every time you vehicle in to your driveway. Placing a pergola kit above a garage door or on an empty side wall of a garage dresses up any home’s exterior. To determine the size eyebrow pergola to install above your garage doors, measure the width of the garage door frame and add space for the pergola to extend beyond the frame on each side.

Since standard garage doors come in single, double, and sometimes triple, the length of your pergola would range between 8 feet up to around 24 feet. The width of standard single door garages to hold one car is 8-9 feet, and the width of standard single door garages to hold two cars is 16-18 feet. Take measurements of your door to determine the size pergola that fits. For example, our Visor pergola comes in standard sizes 6’, 8’, 10, 12’, 14′, 16′, 18′, and 20′. If needed, these standard sizes of garage pergolas can easily be customized for depth and length, to accommodate a larger garage door.

Here are the components included in our Visor above the garage door pergola kits:

  • Double 2×8 Beams (2 for standard kit sizes)
  • 2×6 Notched Rafters (2 for standard kit sizes)
  • 2×2 Top Slats (# depends upon kit size)
  • 2×2 Angle Brackets (2 for standard kit sizes)
  • Hardware Pack

These components make this pergola both stylish and functional.

Factoring in Style and Function for Garage Pergolas

Two things that garage pergola kits can provide are style and function. Pergola kits like our Visor pergola provide an overhang over your garage door that lends some protection from the elements, while adding a decorative eave.

If the overhang of your house doesn’t extend out far from your house, you can consider adding a garage pergola kit to extend that area. This style pergola also dresses up the exterior of an otherwise plain front to the house. It breaks up the large open wall that the space above your garage door sometimes creates.

Another use for garage pergola kits is a structure to house your vehicles.

Pergolas Used as Carport or Garage

When used to protect the family wagon or other wheeled toys, a pergola is a cost-effective way to build a carport or garage-type structure. Used as a more stylish carport, a pergola can be built next to or in place of a standard garage.

When used as a garage or carport, a pergola kit provides a space to park a car, truck, or other vehicles without the expense of building a garage.

With a pergola, you can customize your garage or carport according to your specifications. Extend the length of the beams, and stretch your rafter length to accommodate as many vehicles as you need. Add more top slats for more coverage and choose the shape of your end cuts, and you’ve got a stylish custom carport.

Whether you’re looking to add style and function above your garage door with an eyebrow style structure, or build a hand-crafted shelter for your favorite four wheeler, a pergola can be a simple way to finish off your garage!    

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Pergola Depot is the leading supplier of covered pergolas. We can customize a solution to match your unique style. Order your visor pergola kit now to start creating the backyard living space of your dreams.

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