Virginia Backyard Retreat

Virginia pergola kit - backyard retreat

Virginia Backyard Retreat

If you live in Virginia and would like to build a pine or cedar pergola to complete your backyard retreat, look no further than Pergola Depot. We have many different styles, and over 90 different sizes to choose from.

We sell pergola kits in all 95 counties and cities in The Old Dominion State such as Alexandria, Centreville, Charlottesville, Farmville, Richmond, Rocky Mount, and Waynesboro.

A happy customer from Augusta County sent us a note and photos of their pergola: “Here are some photos of how our patio turned out. We have enjoyed it for 5 years and it is such a relaxing added area for our home! Thanks again for a great product that keeps on giving us many hours of enjoyment each year!


Each of our pergola kits are customizable and can be freestanding or attached. Your neighbors will think that you hired a carpenter to custom build a pergola in your backyard when they see the quality of the pergola kit you receive from us. What they won’t know is that you paid much less than what you would pay if you hired a contractor to build a custom pergola for you.

Most of the time ordering a pergola from us is about the same cost as only the materials would cost if you went and priced it out to build yourself. Then you would have to take the time to design the layout, figure out how to cut the end cuts, etc. Then what happens if you need a permit? You would have to get an engineer to draw up a plan for you to take to the code office. Why go through all that trouble when we’ve done it all for you already?

We have a stamped engineered drawing that is rated for up to 160 MPH wind gusts. This comes free of charge when you order a pergola kit from us. We ship free of charge to any city in Virginia, and look forward to helping you complete your backyard retreat with a new pergola kit.

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