Creating DIY Patio Shade

DIY patio shade

Creating DIY Patio Shade

When creating DIY patio shade you can sometimes run into difficulty in finding plants that can thrive. In some cases, they can either take over the space or simply die from lack of sunlight. There are a few plants, however, that look beautiful and seem to enjoy living in a more shaded area.

Depending on your planting zone, ferns and hostas are a great place to start. They thrive in the shade and add the laid-back feeling of a tranquil forest to any area. They are easy to care for and look good with any landscaping scheme you have within your pre-existing yard. Daffodils are also a beautiful flower that work well in the shade and could ultimately look amazing next to a few well-placed ferns.

If you are looking for more of a full bush or flowered plant, check out hydrangeas or rhododendrons. These large flowered plants look gorgeous when in full bloom and are well known lovers of the shade. Just keep up with the pruning of hydrangeas as they have been known to grow as tall as ten feet when left on their own.

While small trees can require some extra care with pruning and cleanup, they also make for great additions to landscaping around your patio and near your wooden pergola. Small evergreen trees such as the fern pine will stay green year-round and are relatively easy to care for. The Japanese maple is beautiful and a go to for any yard, but will lose its leaves in the fall which adds a little more cleanup on your part. There are many resources out there when you’re planning your patio plants. You can find your planting zone online, or stop in your local public library and find a gardening book that will include information about shade or sun loving plants and trees, as well as recommendations on planting dates by hardiness zone.

Adding any of these shade loving plants to your own patio area will brighten up the space and make it overall more enjoyable for everyone who spends time there.

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