Creative Patio Decorations

Creative Patio Decorations

If red and white, or red, white, and blue are your top color choices for patio decorations, July is an excellent time to deck your home out in as much of the patriotic combo as you’d like! For the Fourth of July, Canada Day, and many summer gatherings there are certain decorating aspects that are pretty traditional such as flags in the yard and ribbons on trees. If you’re looking to get a little more creative, this is the post for you. While there is no right or wrong way to decorate, there are definitely certain pieces that pull a room or patio together better than others. I found some ideas for patriotic décor that also add a stylish touch, as well as some tried and true ideas to incorporate into your own summer celebrations.

There are many blogs with creative and classy ways to decorate, or you may have another tradition you follow each year. Blog posts like Yesterday on Tuesday shows daisies in patriotic painted jars. Others suggest arrangements of geraniums, daisies, and hydrangeas or chrysanthemums to add pops of summer color. I think that small bouquets in clear vases would look beautiful on tables in any color combination, and larger arrangements would look perfect in big colorful pots hanging on the front porch or sitting on the back patio next to your pergola.

If you’re taking a spin through your local farmer’s market to pick up some fresh picnic fare, you might find locally grown flowers that fit your theme. You can arrange them in clear jars, or try out one of the ideas showing brightly painted vases, such as a combination of blue with white or clear stars adjoining another painted with red and white stripes. Coordinate them with your flower arrangements or add an evening glow with white mini lights or small tea light candles in them, that will shimmer through after the sun goes down.

The Woman’s Forum has great suggestions on picking a theme before trying to decorate. If it’s a July 4th theme you’re looking for, they have specific suggestions for a flag theme, a declaration of independence theme, and a stars and fireworks theme. If none of those inspire, get creative with your favorite colors and theme! You can also expand your design depending on your get together, and tie in your food, drinks, and table settings. No matter how your patio decorations turn out, enjoy the time together with friends and family!

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