Outdoor Kitchen Designs to Consider

Outdoor Kitchen Designs to Consider

Are you wading through a sea of outdoor kitchen designs? There are so many places to find inspiration! You’ll want to take into consideration how your outdoor space is set up, budget, and climate before even getting started. Once you have these things down pat, then you just have to decide what your style is and start browsing design options.

Planning Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Oftentimes, your local contractor, landscaper, or handyman might have ideas that can be completed within your existing space and timeline. If you’re a DIYer, how-to articles like this one from This Old House can be a good guide to get your project underway. Your local hardware store, nursery/landscaping suppliers, or larger big-box stores like Home Depot can provide reference materials as well as some of the supplies needed for outdoor kitchen designs. Once you’ve got your kitchen plan underway, consider adding a cover to finish off the “outdoor room” feeling. Pergola kits offer some coverage while letting in natural light.

If you have a tight budget but still want to have the option of outdoor cooking, try looking into prefabricated kitchen kits. These kits often include cabinets, seating areas, ranges, and small refrigerators that are all customizable and easy to build even for the less DIY inclined. These kits often come in a variety of styles that can be added on to over time in many different price points. Move the kitchen (which is quite often the heart of the home) to the outdoors and watch as your outdoor dining space becomes your favorite “room” in your home. Shown on our Facebook feed is another fabulous design that incorporates the homeowner’s Big Green Egg into a “Bar cart” by Challenger Designs.

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Adding custom stonework with a pine or cedar pergola to your outdoor dining area is a quick way to add interest and define your space. You can find pergolas in many styles and materials to fit the design style of your outdoor kitchen. They’re also easily decorated with lights and flowers. There isn’t a quicker way to add romance than with soft white twinkle lights and clinging vines surrounding your defined outdoor living space.

If you’re looking for a cozy retreat, spend a little extra time choosing some all-weather furniture. Outdoor chairs with over stuffed cushions, dining tables, and space for homey nick-nacks are just a few things you can add to your outdoor kitchen. When designing your space, look to outdoor retreats, resorts, or hunting cabins for inspiration. You also want to take into consideration the décor you have in your own home and find ways to incorporate that into your outdoor design.

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