Simple Last-Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Simple Last-Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Your plans don’t have to be elaborate to make her day special. Last-minute Mother’s Day ideas that top the list are brunch or dinner, a spa gift certificate, or plants for her garden. Take her to the movies or dinner to her favorite restaurant, or make her favorite dish or dessert at home! If you need some inspiration, check out dinner recipe ideas from

Another favorite is a gift certificate to a local spa for a day of relaxation on a day of her choosing. Anything handmade is also a treasure. Breakfast in bed, homemade bread, or choose one of these crafty ideas from Good Housekeeping.

If she’s an outdoor enthusiast, stop by your local landscaper and purchase a couple large potted plants that would adorn your patio, deck, or pool area. If you’re considering something a little larger that can enhance the space where you’ll be spending many hours this summer, you can surprise Mom with a wood patio cover like a freestanding pergola or gazebo, or an attached awning or trellis. We’re showing a couple of our top sellers here that could be the perfect surprise for her. Order today and you’ll be able to share with her the date your new pergola kit will arrive.

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