Creative Ways for Building Patio Shade

January 9, 2017 12:41 pm Published by Comments Off on Creative Ways for Building Patio Shade

States like Arizona, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico rank in the top 20 sunniest states for sunny day frequency, so finding ways to create some patio shade continues well into the winter months that many states view as hibernation season. Pergolas offer a nice balance of shade and sunlight to your backyard retreat. A solid wood pergola can enhance your outdoor living by creating a space where you can escape those sunny rays year-round, but still see glimpses of filtered light.

patio shade stonework-landscape-pergola - patio shade

Whether you’re in the top 20 for sun or simply want to expand your outdoor room, adding a pergola with or without a retractable canopy will create some backyard shade around your patio area, and will add dimension to your landscape in any season.

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